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Receive your mail while travelling!

Forward your mail to us for
Pickup at our office, or
Routing to match your travel itinerary.

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Flexible forwarding service is available to all mailbox customers at the minimal cost per request, plus postage and materials (if any). A minimum deposit is required, from which we’ll deduct the charges, and you’ll be notified regularly about your remaining balance.
Service is customized to meet your personal needs:

  • Your mail is sorted per your instructions so that unwanted items are held (such as catalogs) or tossed out (such as unsolicited bulk mail); we can notify you when certain items (such as packages) are here.
  • Your mail will be sent per your instructions weekly, on call, or by prearranged itinerary; we can even watch for specific pieces (such as prescription medications) and send immediately.
  • We can use regular mail (first class or priority), to any address, including General Delivery; or Premium 1- or 2-Day service to any street address.

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In addition, you can save time by downloading the Post Office’s Agency Application. Please complete the form and present it to your Parcel Express agent. Note that the form should be signed only in the presence of a notary public or a Parcel Express agent.

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